I believe everyone has unlimited potential and capacity for music making. My energy goes into guiding musicians on their journeys, wherever that may be! With a commitment to clear communication, inclusivity, and respect, I believe that positive and challenging learning environments encourage the most meaningful growth. Flute isn't just about mastery of the instrument, but a powerful artistic and cultural voice that communicates new ideas, informs, questions, and expands our minds.

Hear what students are saying:


"Dr. Berquist is one of the most well-rounded musicians with knowledge beyond just his primary instrument. Alan would alter his lessons to work on developing me as both a musician and person. He had an extensive knowledge on every style of music and would give me specific feedback to constantly improve.


He was able to give me additional exercises to make myself more comfortable with the unique techniques that the pieces would require. Each lesson with Dr. Berquist is different from the last and leaves you feeling more confident about yourself and your playing."


Lessons incorporate strong foundations in breath, tone, and technique through body awareness (kinesiology) in a constructivist atmosphere. Personally tailored to each flutist, holistic principles from Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics are a gateway to having you perform your best!

"Dr. Berquist doesn't just make sure that I know the notes - he makes it a point to ensure that I know the music, the historical context, why it's so interesting, and how it could possibly connect to me specifically.


Not only does he willingly share this wealth of knowledge with me, but he also allows me to find out things on my own, not giving all of the information away, but having me search for it. I am beyond lucky to have had the privilege of studying under his instruction."


Leading Dalcroze Eurhythmics workshop at FSU Flute Day 2019

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Music is part of a well-rounded education, translating to invaluable life skills.


Conscientious, collaborative, and immersive music study brings joy and understanding.